Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy on the Web has a large collection of links.

“That’s the way to do it!” A history of Punch & Judy Concise, interesting article with some wonderful historical illustrations.

The Punch & Judy Fellowship. The oldest Punch & Judy organization in existence.

Interview with a 19th-century Punchman from Henry Mayhew’s 1851 book London Labour and the London Poor. A very detailed description of what it was like to perform the play in one of its 19th-century incarnations, including a complete script.

General Puppetry

Puppeteers of America. North America’s largest non-profit puppet organization, founded in 1937

Sicilian Puppet Theatre (English) An historical overview with several beautiful video clips.

Museo de Historia del Títere (Museum of Puppetry History) En Español. Ubicado en la Ciudad de México. Este web site contiene muchos videos relacionados con los títeres.

World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts. A vast site with a wealth of links and bibliographical information.

A Brief History of Puppetry. A short video by Byrne Power. Lots of fascinating images.

Modern Puppet Makers

Miraiker’s World of Puppets. Located in the U.K., Miraiker is a master puppeteer, puppet-maker, and puppet-booth maker (The Puppet Maker). She has made two of our booths and several of our puppets.

Some Notable Punch and Judy Professors

Rod Burnett’s Punch & Judy Show (U.K.) . A video of the late and very great Rod Burnett’s Punch and Judy Show from 2013. He performed in both English and Spanish.

The Original World-Famous Brighton Punch and Judy (U.K.). Glynn Edwards is a U.K.-based Punch and Judy Professor in Brighton, U.K. He has been performing the show for over 50 years. Mr. Punch could not ask for a better spokesperson. His two books, Successful Punch and Judy and The Art of Punch and Judy, are excellent, both as training manuals and for people interested in the mechanics and dynamics of the show.

Jon Thursby’s Punch and Judy Show (U.K.). A performance at the celebrations for Mr. Punch’s 350th birthday party in Lincoln. Jon Thursby is a second-generation Punch-and-Judy man.

Port-A-Globe Puppet Theatre (U.S.A.) Okay, so that’s us. But we are doing our best to become notable.

[More to be added soon.]

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